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“I’m embarrassed to admit I have held an under-examined negative view of millennials.  John has opened my eyes to what is possible, and particularly in the hands, mind and souls of millennials themselves.”

Tom Scott, co-founder and CEO, The Nantucket Project

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#Metoo + #Neveragain: A Red Line Has Been Crossed

Screams turned into silence. It was a profound and systemic problem. Women’s lives were being ruined. Nonetheless, silence. And then the Harvey Weinstein controversy broke open a cultural sea change in the public perception toward sexual abuse. USA Today survey reports that 94% of women in Hollywood have experienced some form of sexual harassment or assault during their careers in film. According to the same survey, 21% have been forced to do something sexual at least once. Yet only one in four of these women reported these experiences to anyone for fear of personal or professional retaliation. Social media in part has changed all this. While we must not overlook the heroic and courageous ea

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