February 24, 2020

The deconstruction of faith is in the air. This tends to make Christian evangelical parents double down on further insisting on their children hang on to their faith by hook or by crook. Their actions may be well-intentioned. However, they are mostly counterproductive....

February 17, 2020

Yesterday was a tattoo worthy day: a singular day worth remembering and cherishing. The word “epic” comes to mind.

But first some background. I write regularly as a Christian father and cultural analyst about millennials and religious nones. I also have three millennial...

February 10, 2020

Political pundits suggest that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump both have an unwavering base of about 30 to 40% of possible voters. Without expanding their base, it will be impossible for either to win. And yet, it is easier and more profitable to continue to speak to...

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Tom Scott, co-founder and CEO, The Nantucket Project

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