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You Are More Than "Broken"

I learned a lesson from my friend, James Lecesne, yesterday. When marginalized people—particularly our LGBTQIA brothers and sisters—hear Christians talking about brokenness, they feel judged. It's a trigger word. It is like telling them that they are not enough. In this word, their personhood is fundamentally devalued. While this is not what most Christian's intend when they speak of "brokenness," learning to understand how our words are heard and felt is valuable. We are seen by God not in our brokenness but in our potential God-given dignity. We are loved even when we feel unloved and unlovely. In this Lauren Daigle is spot on. We need to move from the past tense to the future perfect tense: an action will have been completed at some point in the future. It is a present action infused with hope. This I believe.

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