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Culture Matters Most: An Argument by David Brooks

If you are like me, you are getting to the point where you can hardly watch the evening news. Every night we get the repeated pettiness, polarization, and verbal and actual violence discussed ad nauseam. One can despair of a better way. In this address given at Davidson College, David Brooks provides historical context to our moment and points to a better way. In the midst of a high-oxtane political season, he argues that it is culture that matters most. As a cultural sociologist, I certainly agree.

Both my youngest sister and her husband, my brother-in-law, went to Davidson as did my nephew. I have been on the Davidson campus many times. So I was immediately intrigue by this address that David Brooks gave there over a year ago. The address was better than I could have imagined and deserves wide sharing. I commend it to your viewing. You will become a better person for the time invested in listening to these remarks.

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