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Tom Scott, co-founder and CEO, The Nantucket Project

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The House of Lannister, Clinton, Targaryen, Stark, and Trump

Why the cultural enchantment with Game of Thrones? The answer to this question reveals the dominant frame through which one assesses reality. The anticipation for the arrival of Season 7 of GOT begs the question: “Why this broad appeal?” Ivan Dikov in the IntelligencerPost suggests that it is our enchantment with Feudalism. He assumes a political frame. In a world where chaos reigns and the horizon of transcendent meaning has been wiped away, he argues that we have “an insurmountable craving for being dominated by some sort of a ‘lord.’” Psychologically, chaos and anarchy breeds a desire for an authoritarian order. The logic behind Napoleon was Robespierre. Some have made a similar argument

Gravediggers in the Pew...

The church is creating the conditions for its own demise. It’s resistance to this fact only serves to make it a more likely self-fulfilling prophecy. It is facing a ten-year sunset. It is not simply the fact that young people are leaving the church in droves—over a three-fold increase in the past 25 years (7% in 1990 to 25% in 2015)—but that the vast majority of those now identified as “religious nones” or “religiously unaffiliated” are young people who come from churched backgrounds. Seventy-eight percent of "nones," those whose future participation is critical to the churches’ survival are being spawned in the church. The religious gravediggers are to be found within the church walls. Some

C.S. Lewis, Comic-Con, and the Epic Heroic Quest

If C.S. Lewis were alive today, he would be found in San Diego tomorrow. This is the beginning of Comic-Con 2017, the annual comic and pop culture extravaganza that began as the Golden State Comic Book Convention. Today it showcases graphic novels, superhero movies, video games, animation, and all the exploding aspects of fantasy culture. Why would Lewis, the stately Oxford and Cambridge University don, be concerned with pop culture’s obsession with comic books? The DC and Marvel universe is the popular cultural platform where myth meets and shapes the national social imaginary. This is where “the deep magic from before the dawn of time” is explored. Over 130,000 persons will spend the next

Why Bother With a Wedding?

When cohabiting is the norm, why bother with marriage or a wedding? Isn’t a wedding an expense that can be easily avoided by financially strapped millennials? It may be nice, but is it necessary? There is a lot of talk today about who can get married, but not as much about why one should have a wedding or the relationship of the wedding to a marriage. This is not a topic taken up in bridal magazines. New York Times columnist David Brooks writes that the real crisis of marriage in modern societies is the “culture of contingency.” Having learned through millions of consumer decisions to value individual choice as the highest value, many take a consumerist mindset even toward the most intimate

What Churches Will Not Tell You!

Here is something that you will never hear said from the pulpit of a church: “Anyone who can find a better way than Jesus, he would be the first to tell you to take it.” So says the late philosopher Dallas Willard. Jesus was not about telling people bullshit. He is about truth and reality. The kind of truth that he talked about is the kind that you can test and find to be true in reality. It’s lived truth more than abstract truth. Certainly, not everyone is willing to start with Jesus. There is a lot of dust raised around the church in history and on our evening news. Hypocrites, scandals, and judgmental charlatans abound in the religious scene. Hesitancy is wise. Some seekers approach the C

How to Give a Toast at a Millennial Wedding

Alex and Vanessa are getting married. Quintessential New Copernicans both. How does one give a toast at a New Copernican wedding? To answer this one needs to understand the cross pressured nature of modern relationships. In these relationships romantic idealism is fused with tragic realism. A single mother, divorced parents, pregnant friends, ex lovers, and a host of scarred lives sit quietly among the wedding guests. And of course there are the empty chairs of those who have passed on but whose presence continues to loom large—parents, siblings, and friends. Snarky humor masks the existential cross currents that flood through all the participants’ minds. The crashing waves on the beach are

Our Cosmic Calling as an Onramp to Pilgrimage

The Soul of the World is on our side; ready to help us find our dreams. So writes Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist. It’s an old book with a timely message. It recently came across my path as a good omen. That I had never heard of the book is an indictment that I need to read more imaginative literature, feeding my right brain. The Alchemist is an international bestseller, one of the most popular books in the twentieth century—65 million copies sold, translated into over 50 languages. It is a book that touches something deep in every person: the desire to discover one’s purpose in life. To this end, Coelho tells a mythic epic tale of spiritual pilgrimage: a humble shepherd boy named Santiago tra

Happy Birthday Apple iPhone!

There were three possibilities: computer, television, or phone. No one knew, which was going to be the platform for the integrative technology of the future. Of the three options, the mobile phone was the worse bet. The large size and limited battery life of the 1980 mobile phones [the notorious “Bricks”] made them the least likely possibility. I remember being asked in 1985 when I worked for a futurist company by Motorola engineers whether size mattered in mobile phones. Everyone now knows the answers to these questions. The smartphone won. The launch of the iphone celebrated its tenth anniversary on June 29, 2017. Ten years! It’s hard to remember life before iphones. Cohort research assume

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