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“I’m embarrassed to admit I have held an under-examined negative view of millennials.  John has opened my eyes to what is possible, and particularly in the hands, mind and souls of millennials themselves.”

Tom Scott, co-founder and CEO, The Nantucket Project

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Life as a Spiritual Pilgrimage

“Life, like driving in Ireland, would be so much easier with more signs and a lot more difficult without any. And like driving in Ireland, I long for more assurance from God. But can I truly say I do not have enough? Isn’t it my unrealistic expectations (and grumbling) that cause me more problems?” — John Valters Paintner

The Millennial Existential Experience

He stood out in a room of forty balding pastors. Most were old and graying with the settled paunch of a largely inactive lifestyle. He was young, covered in long pink hair, with “Black Lives Matter” emblazoned on his T-shirt. Sitting on the front row, it was clear that he was the only millennial in attendance to hear me speak about the importance of listening to millennials. So I decided to listen to him. Despite being a gay Unitarian Universalist minister, he was my God-given resident crap detector, a gift of authenticity. I had no idea how he would react to my presentation. So I turned to him as I began publicly and asked him to hold me accountable. “I’m going to outline seven characterist

Am I a Racist Without Knowing It?

Can “White” People Be Saved? Triangulating Race, Theology, and Mission, edited by Love L. Sechrest, Johnny Ramírez-Johnson, and Amos Yong / IVP Academic Missiological Engagements Series, 2018 In the United States, Black men are far more likely to be hassled by law enforcement during routine traffic stops. It is also likely, in a conversation about this fact, that a white male will not appreciate the degree to which his privilege is based on longstanding racist structures. This is not how society ought to be. We cannot be a part of a gospel solution if we deny the reality of racism and resort to self-serving defensiveness. In 2017, Fuller Theological Seminary’s School of Intercultural Studies

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