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“I’m embarrassed to admit I have held an under-examined negative view of millennials.  John has opened my eyes to what is possible, and particularly in the hands, mind and souls of millennials themselves.”

Tom Scott, co-founder and CEO, The Nantucket Project

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"Houston, We Have a Problem!"

For weeks we have been asking about the “new normal.” This week in America we received the answer: “Enough is enough.” There is no more patience with the attitudes, practices, and systems that have blurred, buried, and discounted historic racism in America. The impulse is to blame “out of state, far left Antifa;” the impulse is to minimize the pattern and pervasiveness of police violence toward people of color; the impulse is to raise national concern only when buildings are burning rather than when Black lives are lynched. But even more, the fact that four cops can act in broad daylight with cameras rolling and citizens screaming in protest to their actions in such a murderous manner is a

The COVID-19 Rethink Not Being Asked by Christian Colleges

Robert Sloan wrote an article for The Gospel Coalition entitled, “How COVID-19 Is Changing Christian Colleges” (May 28,2020). It is because I have such great respect for Dr. Sloan, president of Houston Baptist University, that his comments regarding the changes impacting Christian colleges deserves close attention. He begins with a tone of humility, which is refreshing. His focus as a university president is on the physical and financial health of his University. He is correct in noting that the pandemic will “accelerate necessary changes in higher education.” His first observation concerns the anticipated increase in remote course delivery. He calls for “new models for delivering educat

Three Buckets of College

There are 4,500 colleges and universities in the United States. With the changing face of higher education the college selection process is more confusing than ever. Consequently, many parents and students lack an adequate roadmap for how to think clearly about college selection. My name is John Seel. I have spent many years helping students navigate the college selection process. At present, I serve as the director of college placement at St. Andrew’s Academy and chairman of the Advisory Board of Gutenberg College. Today parents are resetting their expectations of a four-year residential college experience. Colleges are doing the same. Weekly there are articles written that are critiqui

LEADERSHIP IN TIMES OF CHANGE: What We Learn from the Men of Issachar

The spotlight is now shifting off of the virus an on to organizational leaders. They are being pressed to make significant decisions with minimal or conflicting information. Some of these decisions have life and death consequences: consequences that are not normally the purview of the typical nonprofit leader. So it is understandable that they will be scrambling for confirmation and guidance in their decision making. In this context, Christians will be looking for modern day “men of Issachar,” mighty men who know how to best read the “signs of the times and know what Israel should do.” This is a biblical reference to I Chronicles 12:32. David was banished from the presence of Saul and has

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