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“I’m embarrassed to admit I have held an under-examined negative view of millennials.  John has opened my eyes to what is possible, and particularly in the hands, mind and souls of millennials themselves.”

Tom Scott, co-founder and CEO, The Nantucket Project

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Making Space for Doubt

In Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night," the stars ask questions, even as the lights in the church are out. What do we do with doubt? Just as hate is not the opposite of love, so too doubt is not the opposite of faith. The opposite of both love and faith is indifference. For many the anguish of doubt is anything but indifference. Is your church a safe place for doubt? How the church deals with doubt, and more specifically those who are doubting, is going to a significant factor in its ability to reach the coming generation. Millennials are looking for safe places for spiritual questioning. Rarely is it found in the church or the academy. What the fundamentalist Christian and academic new atheis

Racism: Healing from Historical Trauma

Many adults are in therapy still dealing with childhood trauma. Time does not heal these festering wounds. Not often acknowledged is that what is true of a person is also true of a society. Ancient historical social wounds have unacknowledged lingering psychosocial consequences. They are unacknowledged because for many they are buried in our collective unconscious. As the vast majority of our conscious actions are shaped by our unconscious, coming to terms with this buried history is a critical step in our national healing. As agents of shalom, we are responsible for encouraging this process. This is the psychosocial reality of racism in America. There are dueling narratives about race in Am

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